Application Period for the 2024 Sewer Irrigation Rate is Now Open

March 19, 2024

Customers who want to apply to have a fixed sewer rate for the 2024 summer months may apply for a Sewer Irrigation Rate for sewer services now – April 22, 2024.  Applications are available at Bristol City Hall and on the City’s website at Applicants may also apply by phone by calling the City of Bristol at (850) 643-2261 during regular business hours. 


Per City of Bristol Ordinance No. 2022-02, the Sewer Irrigation Rate will be determined using an average of the lowest 3 months water usages from the Dec. 2023 and  Jan, Feb, and Mar 2024 billing cycles for calculation purposes, and will be effective from the May 1, 2024 billing cycle thru the Oct 1, 2024 billing cycle.

The Sewer Irrigation Rate DOES NOT apply to commercial accounts.

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